About Us

Our story begins in the most classic of ways. Twenty years ago we organized a holiday in Bali, chosen from other locations that seemed just as interesting to us at the time.

Those few days were a thunderbolt. In the following years Bali became our only holiday destination. Each stay enhanced our love and passion for the island. Then what at first seemed to be just an original idea took hold.

Captured by the colors, the flavors and the atmosphere that only exists here, we began to think about leaving our well-established business in the hair care sector in Italy and moving to live on the island.

It is a difficult choice because it would force us to abandon our affections and friendships and take a real leap in the dark. Actually, we know some people who have taken the same step before us, but we have a dream on top of that. On all our holidays in Bali we have been greeted by the friendliness and impeccable service found in many locations in the East. However, one thing has always been missing: the feeling of being at home. The houses in Bali are cozy and the staff are super-efficient, but we would have liked someone to ask us in advance what we wanted to find on our arrival. We would have liked this in our first experiences, when we didn’t know the island so well yet. We needed someone to help us discover the most interesting destinations, get insights about a selection of restaurants according to our favorite cuisine, experience a massage in the quiet of our house…

We would also have liked to choose the location of our holidays according to criteria such as budget or type of house, but above all – being Italian and loving aspects such as design and interior decoration, which are part of our culture – we started thinking about a site that was different.

This is how our new company Bali Design Villas was born. The values that inspired us are manifold: first of all, a limited selection of houses that share the concept of design, to make you feel you are in a well-kept environment, where the search for detail is careful and meticulous. In our houses you will also find an all-Italian lifestyle that blends with the Balinese culture. Above all we want to offer you a tailor-made service that starts with a bespoke search for the house you want, also based on your budget and a selection of services according to your needs: airport pick-up, breakfast with the specialities you love, excursion programme, selected restaurants, wellness treatments provided for in your villa – everything to make your holiday in Bali unforgettable.

Bali Design Villas is much more: we have created a network of professionals and qualified partners in the real estate field who help us offer any kind of service: rental of prestigious locations, design and construction of designer houses as well as renovation and improvement of properties. We can rely upon a team of creative people who are part of a multidisciplinary architecture and interior design firm led by an Italian architect who has established his business in Bali many years ago.